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We are thankful for you and your interest in Five Talents Wealth Management. We are a comprehensive financial consulting firm whose core values are based on our faith in God. Our mission is to assist and love our clients through the process of “Investing well the time, talents, and treasures by which they have been blessed.” This is a privilege and a responsibility that we do not take lightly. We realize that choosing a financial planner may be one of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime. However, when it comes to making wise investment decisions, many people feel at a loss. That’s why we’re here! No matter what season of life you may find yourself in—whether you’re a recent college graduate just starting your career or someone who is nearing retirement and asking, “Will I have enough?”—we want to lend support and direction. As we educate you and make recommendations, it is ultimately you who will give the final word and authorize us to act and implement. Our prayer is that you will never feel alone in that process!

While we are a small firm, our size offers us the luxury and privilege of knowing each of our clients personally. This allows us to create and maintain a trusted advisory relationship, which we believe to be vital in this industry. We have many “pioneer” clients, who have been with us since we opened our doors in 2007. Over the years, we have journeyed together not only through the ups and downs of life but also through the upswings and downturns of the market. Through it all, we believe that our clients will never find another firm that cares more about their well-being!

We are thankful for your interest in building a financial future and legacy for you and your family. It is our desire to love you through this process and create new possibilities for you to #InvestWell.

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Susan Reznor Moone
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